February 18, 2020

First post

Why did I create this blog?

I decided to create this blog because I love programming languages and themes like, functional programming, software architecture, software testing, and design principals. So I will be written about these themes.

The posts will be made in Portuguese and English. I will try to create posts in both languages, because I'm trying to improve my English. so nothing better than writing in english too.

About the blog content

Well will cover topics such as TDD, Refactoring, Software Architecture on the blog. I will try to create posts by building some code using the techniques. I will aslo start posting a video developing systems using TDD and Refactoring.

I will write about books and scientific articles, books like clean code, tdd, clean architecture, best practices about software development. I will also write about AI, Machine Learning because is the area I pretend to read and improve.

I hope I can help so I will leave my contacts so they can get in touch if they want to talk. You can join us at telegram group. click here

email: m@matheusfrancisco.com.br email: matheusmachadoufsc@gmail.com

may the force be with you.

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